About Us

VITG is an emerging small business focusing on digital transformation, systems integration, data analytics engineering and infrastructure visualization.

We help our clients achieve competitive advantage through End-to-End Digital Transformation and work across Public and Private sectors. Our uniqueness lies in bringing together strong engineering, data orchestration & engineering capabilities with deep domain understanding, and blurring the boundaries between services and products to maximize business impact from emerging technologies.


Build and deliver simple and intuitive digital solutions that improve the lives of our citizens and provide an impact by leveraging data & emerging technologies.


To stand hand in hand with our public servants helping them accelerate civic digital revolution for a better citizen experience.

Core Values


We love building solutions and greet new challenges with excitement.


We deliver what we promise and go above and beyond to add unanticipated value to our clients.


Curiosity fuels our problem solving strategies and motivates us to keep learning.


We are as good as our team and we will go as far as our people.