What We Do

Design Thinking & UX

Combining Design and Data Science to drive true customer centricity

Design Thinking Illustration

Work processes should help systematically extract, teach, learn and apply human-centered techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. And at VITG, this is a tenet that forms the backbone of our mission. Just like the great innovators in art, literature, engineering and science, businesses too should seek to conflate the abstract and tangible to create ways of thinking and working; to seek a greater understanding of the people for whom products or services are being designed.

VITG is committed to putting your users at the forefront of our decision-making by always questioning the problems, assumptions and implications that affect them most. We view everything through a human-centric lens and listen with an empathetic ear while creating forward-thinking ideas in brainstorming, prototyping, sketching and testing.

Cloud Services

Enhance, Optimize and Manage your cloud footprint to strengthen your digital transformation

More than ever, organizations need IT that’s capable of handling remote workforces and the increased demand for digital services. VITG can help move your business-critical workloads to the cloud expediently and prudently through our proven cloud-acceleration methods and industry expertise.

At VITG, we’re the authority at turning problems into solutions, but we always consider your existing investments and current application architecture before implementation. Whether it’s minimizing business disruption, lessening customer impact, improving business resilience or reducing tooling costs, with our proprietary cloud-management platform we’ll deliver custom (and secure) solutions that will keep your business performing optimally.

Cloud Services


Deliver solutions with continuous discovery, zero touch automation


Automation is an integral part of DevOps. The possibilities for automation are at every stage starting from planning to build, test, release, deploy, provision, configure and monitor. Being able to deploy code more quickly without disrupting internal processes or compromising organizational culture is vital to exerting influence and improving the security of applications within current CI/CD pipelines. 

At VITG, we capitalize on our experience in agile practices and build continuous integration/continuous delivery/continuous monitoring pipelines which helps your applications to evolve endlessly with zero downtime. Our innovative AI/ML assisted DevOps approach is a game changer in a way to keep your software development never misses a beat.

Operational Intelligence & AIOps

Data driven deep insights and real time visibility of your infrastructure landscape

With every connected device or machine generating a digital footprint, it’s easy to produce infrastructure data on a massive scale. The challenge is joining the dots. That’s where we come in. At VITG we manage your operational data smarter and more efficiently to ensure your business can make better decisions.

VITG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Operational Intelligence solutions provide real-time visibility of information across your infrastructure landscape, enabling you to make smarter decisions in time to maximize impact. Through advanced dashboards that offer real-time insight into performance, health and status of your services, you are able to take immediate action based on your SLA and KPI thresholds. When it comes to building applications, networks and security controls we challenge organizations to adopt an approach – a way of thinking – instead of a specific product or single solution. Infrastructure visualization, zero trust, predictive analytics: with VITG, moving from reactive problem solving to real-time, data-driven predictive insights is not only within reach, it’s easier than you think.

Artificial Intelligence

Data Ops

Automate, Orchestrate and Visualize Data workloads to power your digital initiatives

AI Ops Service

The goal of data engineering is to allow for a business to improve the way it manages its resources such as capital, people and information systems through practical applications of data collection to achieve its business goals. Our team utilizes data orchestration (automation of data-driven processes from end to end), data automation (data updating programmatically, rather than manually) and data visualization (the graphic visualization of data) to harvest, store and communicate information clearly and efficiently.

Whether your organization needs upgraded data architecture, database setup and management or a comprehensive data infrastructure design and build, VITG has the tools, experience and know-how to apply real-world solutions to your big data problems.